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The purpose of the Brockway Truck Preservation Association is to promote the significance of the Brockway Carriage Works, Brockway Motor Truck Company of Cortland, Inc, and Brockway Motor Company, (here collectively called the Brockway companies) by preserving the history of the Brockway companies, documenting the impact the Brockway companies had on the Cortland County area, and making this information available for increased historical and cultural awareness of the public.

One way the organization achieves this goal is by conducting the annual Brockway Truck Show.  The first day of the two day event includes a BBQ fundraiser, auction and fireworks at the Brockway Truck Museum.  On Saturday morning the Brockway Truck Parade begins at the Brockway Museum to kick off the Brockway Truck Show on Main Street.   The truck exhibition includes live entertainment, and great dining and shopping.


For Additional Information on this years
Event Please Contact:

Brockway Truck Preservation Association
PO Box 333
Cortland, New York 13045

Phone: (607) 753-8463


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